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September 26, 2018
TPI service
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October 19, 2018
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Why third party inspection (TPI) is required?

Most companies consider third-party inspections a well-justified expense. They are performed by companies with a strong expertise, working on the ground every day. They provide a neutral opinion on the goods quality and allow to keep a close eye on quality consistency on site without having to be there. This way, the buyers are fully aware even at distance, of the manufacturing process, and can build a confident relationship with the supplier. Moreover, despite coming at a cost, TPIs end up saving you money by helping avoid expensive errors or employing an in-house QC team.

TPI service

The main target of TPI service

• verify that the product meets the production process and quality requirements

• reduce the incidence of production errors

• rationalize business practices and optimize production processes

TPI service include


1. Pre-production test

2. Mid-term inspection

3. Pre-shipment inspection (pre-shipment inspection)

4, all inspection

5. Supervision of loading/unloading and sampling services

6. Inventory


1. supplier audit

2. Social responsibility audit

Detection of class:

1. Toy product testing

2. Textile & leather footwear test

3. Testing of electronic and electrical products

4. Test of jewelry and furniture products

5. Food contact material testing

What are the benefits of choosing a TPI service

• quickly select suppliers with designated production capacity to ensure product quality

• reduce costs associated with production defects during production

• ensure that shipments are actually ordered by the customer

• ensure that products comply with current regulations and with the requirements of the sales contract

Looking for Third-party inspection(TPI) service?

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Xi’an An-Core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd

Xi’an An-Core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a professional third party inspection company for oil and gas pipes and equipment worldwide. An-Core has a comprehensive service line includes mill audit, pre-shipment, progress inspection, final inspection, and NDT test. We can provide a flexible inspection package in any period of production flow. With a profound experience in inspection, An-Core business scope comprises of traditional oil pipelines, valves, drillings and gathering transportation equipment. We are dedicated to providing the clients with international certified products with an excellent record of 8 years. An-Core owns more than 50 senior engineers, they are very familiar with the latest international codes and awarded by CWI/IWI/CSWIP certificates. Since 2010, we have been dedicated to inspecting the oilfield products on behalf of international inspection corporations for more than 8 years, all inspection reports are well recorded and kept. Our service team will arrive at the inspection site on time and provide clients a 7*24 hours quality warranty. In order to match the higher international standards, we train the inspectors periodically. An-Core stands in clients’ position to fix the quality problem to save time and cost for clients.