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September 25, 2018
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September 27, 2018
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An-Core supplier audit service introduction

What is the supplier audit?

Supplier Audit is a useful tool for buyers to assess if a factory has the capability for production.
Our audits provide insights into a factory’s operational and quality control system for buyers’ review before the order is placed. we help customer ensure that the potential or existing suppliers deliver high-quality products supplier audits can be performed. Differently, from quality system & product certification audit, The supplier audit provided by An-core is based on the order execution capability of the supplier, targeting the specific product to evaluate supplier generally cover the actual productivity, the quality control and the delivery performance of factories. A comprehensive assessment of the supplier can be obtained by carrying out document review, on-site inspection, and key positions personnel interview, etc.

supplier audit

How do we provide supplier audit services to customers?

Audit of manufacturing capability: 

Our inspectors will do on-site auditing of the supplier’s manufacturing capability, including the actual conditions of the workshop, production line, machinery equipment, workers’ skill, raw material, production technique, quality control system, etc. and issue the audit report.

Manufacturing schedule control: 
According to the client’s requirement about the delivery, we will supervise the supplier’s manufacturing process performance on-site to ensure the delivery schedule, and issue the audit report.

Audit of safety policy: 
According to the client’s or the current international standard such as OHSA18000, SA8000, We will have on-site audit of the factory’s environment, vocational health, safety, social obligations, etc., to audit if the factory complies with the local labor stipulations, and issue the audit report.

Audit of quality control capability: 
According to the client’s or the current international standard ISO9000, our inspectors will do an on-site audit of the factory’s quality management system and issue the audit report.

Audit of the environmental management capability: 
According to the client’s or the current international standard ISO14000, we will audit the factory’s environmental management system. Evaluate the influences posed on the environment from the products and production process, and submit the suggestions for improvement for the factory and issue the audit report.

Are you looking for supplier audit service?

An-Core is a China third-party inspection service provider, we have a comprehensive service line includes mill audit, pre-shipment, progress inspection, final inspection, and NDT test. We can provide a flexible inspection package in any period of production flow. With a profound experience in inspection, An-Core business scope comprises of traditional oil pipelines, valves, drillings and gathering transportation equipment.

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